Understanding Cannabis + It's Uses

Like any other prescription or over-the-counter drug, cannabis affects the brain and nervous system to adjust the messages they send. Whether for recreational purposes or as a therapeutic medicine, the potential of marijuana is still being discovered and gradually being realized. Medical professionals continue to figure out how to best utilize this complex plant for healing.

The Benefits of Cannabis

You’re probably aware that marijuana relaxes, can calm you down, inspire a “high” sensation and make you hungry. These same results can be applied to relieving the symptoms of disease and disorders. Although research into the active compounds and their uses is still progressing, the healing properties have shown promise in a number of applications.

Cannabis has been used to reduce pain from damaged nerves and the muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. It can offer an effective treatment for glaucoma, helping to alleviate pressure in the eyes and avoid blindness. For patients undergoing chemotherapy, medical marijuana can stimulate appetite and eliminate nausea. From combatting anxiety and depression to alleviating the pain from arthritis and restoring sleep patterns, cannabis has numerous legitimate medical uses.

Types of Cannabis & Popular Consumption Methods

There are multiple varieties of cannabis, different strains, and levels of potency. Consumption methods vary from traditional smoking of flower to dabbing concentrates, sublingual tinctures, edibles, drinks and topicals. Each pathway delivers a slightly different effect. It’s best to gather information and start slow, with small doses and lower concentrations of THC. Understanding the rate of onset and duration of effects, finding your preferred consumption method, and familiarizing yourself with terpenes are important steps.

Coast to Coast Dispensary focuses on accurate and accessible information. Our knowledgeable budtenders are approachable, familiar with our products, and happy to help. We are always eager to welcome new recreational users and medicinal patients. We serve your needs to the best of our ability and the highest standards of cannabis options and customer service.

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