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The medical benefits of cannabis are just beginning to be fully realized. As medical science continues to discover benefits for a long list of ailments, Coast to Coast Dispensary remains at the forefront of education, information, and accessibility.

Medicinal Use Cannabis in Los Angeles & the surrounding areas

We welcome you to step inside our beautiful, modern, clean, and secure Los Angeles or Canoga Park location and get acquainted. As a premier vendor of well-recognized 3C Farms Flower, we offer an extensive and strenuously vetted selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, CBD, and more.

Enjoy the many benefits of acquiring medical use cannabis from Coast to Coast Dispensary!

Starting as cultivators in the late ’90s, Coast to Coast Dispensary grows over 33 in-house strains, offering a rewarding range of indica, sativa, and CBD products. We first opened the doors of our medical dispensaries in 2014 and have continued to distinguish ourselves through unparalleled customer service. As a pioneer, we are one of the first to include an on-site showroom. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, affordable, and convenient opportunity for superior health, wellness, and quality of life. Along with competitive pricing, curbside pick up, and delivery, Coast to Coast Dispensary represents the integrity of medical use cannabis and services.

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