Our Story

We are committed to providing you with the best cannabis shopping experience through our dedicated customer service and offering the highest quality cannabis products.

Our retail store in Canoga Park is one of the longest standing licensed dispensaries in LA, servicing customers since June 2014. Our team boasts over three decades of experience with cannabis from the grow room, to manufacturing and retail. We ensure that all products carried at Coast to Coast are diverse in their offerings, truly providing something for everyone.

Same Day Cannabis Pickup in Calabasas, CA | Cannabis Pickup Tarzana, CA

Our budtenders are highly educated on the science of cannabis from terpenes to cannabinoids and what products will work best for your personal wants and needs. Helping people through cannabis is our passion and every aspect of Coast to Coast operates toward providing the highest standards in sustainability, quality, and safely fostering a loving environment for both our plants and customers for years to come.

From potency to pricing, Coast to Coast Dispensary is sure to be your favorite cannabis shop in Los Angeles!

Our Mission.

Improve the quality of lives by providing safe, dignified and affordable access to medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Educate consumers on how to find the most efficacious and tailored care customized to fit both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumer’s needs.

Provide the highest quality of cannabis products from trusted brands delivered with integrity and fairness from our knowledgeable staff.

Deliver an authentic and original approach to California cannabis consumers by curating and providing access to safe, high quality products from industry leading brands at affordable prices.

Coast to Coast is the proud home of 3C Cannabis.
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