Recreational Cannabis

Pioneering a New Industry

The acceptance of the recreational use of cannabis is on the rise. As an industry pioneer, Coast to Coast Dispensary provides a welcoming, knowledgeable, and secure source of knowledge, information, and integrity of options. For recreational cannabis, we encourage you to visit our Canoga Park location, ask questions, and browse our selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, CBD, and more. We are a premier vendor of well-known 3C Farms Flower and grow over 33 in-house strains, offering a full range of indica, sativa, and CBD products. Our friendly budtenders look forward to providing expert assistance.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Canoga Park, CA

Getting our start as cultivators, Coast to Coast Dispensary was one of the first to grow OG Kush in the 90’s. Legal since 2006, we’ve built our business on outstanding customer service. As an innovator, we are also one of the first to include an on-site showroom with our grow room on display.

Enjoy recreational use cannabis from the team at Coast to Coast Dispensary!

Recognizing the exceptional benefits of cannabis on health and wellness, we choose a holistic approach and strive to optimize accessibility. Coast to Coast Dispensary brings you great pricing, a well vetted selection, and curbside pick up, maximizing convenience, rewards, and peace of mind at every opportunity.

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