Whether you’re planning to socialize with friends, unwind after a stressful day at work, boost energy prior to a workout or mellow out on the weekends, cannabis-infused beverages from Coast to Coast Dispensary are ideal. As one of the longest standing licensed dispensaries in LA, we are not only built on an impressive history but keep up with innovation. We can’t wait to share the many rewards of our tasty beverages.

Locally Produced Cannabis Beverages by Coast to Coast Dispensary

There was a time when cannabis beverages didn’t taste all that good and included a strange consistency. Those days have been replaced with flavorful options that provide convenience, accurate dosing, discretion and a beneficial natural remedy. Iced teas in flavors such as peach and blueberry pomegranate, lemonade, soda, seltzer, drink mixes and mocktails are just a sample of our many drink choices. Our favorite is our own product, Liquid Joint. Liquid Joint is a powered by 3C product and is the only nano THC infused shot in a food grade joint tube on the market. All the other beverages are a much larger size and not offered in a one shot method. Some other brands the Canoga Park & Los Angeles location carry are Lagunitas Hi Fi Hops, Tinleys, Cann, Major, Uncle Arnies & Drink Loud by Rove. Discover a new favorite consumption method with a visit to our dispensary.


Drinking too much alcohol, whether on a single occasion or over the long-term, can result in serious health risks, contributing to shortened lifespan and chronic diseases, including damage to the heart, liver, pancreas, brain and immune system. Most people have experienced hangovers, dehydration and headaches after consuming alcohol. Consider cannabis as an alternative. Occasional and daily cannabis consumption can improve sleep and mood, relieve pain, reduce nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy and potentially treat a long list of symptoms and medical ailments. How about drinking something that’s actually good for you? Try our cannabis beverages today!

Discover cannabis infused beverages at Coast to Coast Dispensary!

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