Ready for quite possibly the best sleep you’ve ever had? Consider eating a delicious cannabis-infused edible from Coast to Coast Dispensary before bed. Because your body needs to digest the cannabinoids to activate them, you’ll benefit from the effects for approximately 6 to 8 hours. The edible will continue to break down and get absorbed into the bloodstream throughout the night, providing lasting rewards.

Premium Edibles, Gummies & Drinks Sold at our Dispensary

Enjoy an edible from Coast to Coast Dispensary at least half an hour before you’d like to sleep. Realize that onset, peak and duration of the cannabinoids vary from one person to the next based on the body’s metabolism. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the variety of edibles, start slow with a low dosage, and learn what works for you. The combination of THC and CBN has shown incredible potential in combating insomnia. CBD has also demonstrated promise in treating REM sleep behavior disorder.


Have you heard of the entourage effect? It’s the belief that cannabinoids, such as THC and CBN offer greater results working together rather than independently. The incredible selection of premium edibles available at Coast to Coast Dispensary is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the entourage effect and get the rest you deserve. From discretion and simplicity to the precision and ease of microdosing, edibles are an ideal solution. We urge you to speak with your doctor before incorporating cannabis into your routine and are always happy to explain options.

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